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Our Vision


We are now in Stockholm & Uppsala and will expand more.



We hope everyone uses his muscles, not batteries.



Our competitive price is 5kr per 30 minutesđź’°


What do I need to log into the app?

Just enter your phone number and sign up to create an account. We will send you a verification code via SMS every time you need to sign up so no need to remember a password. Your ride history and credits will stay connected to your phone number, even if you log out.

How do I rent a bike?

You’ll need to be signed into the EU-Bike app and have 1 or more ride credits available. Tap the “Scan to ride”-button and scan the QR code on the bike or lock you want to unlock. Wait a few seconds and the lock should beep and open up automatically.

How do credits work?

To use our bikes you will need some credits. You can buy them easily via the wallet in the app. Credits cost 5 krona and each credit gives you up to half an hour of riding.

I do not receive my verification SMS and now I cannot sign in.

Make sure your phone number and country code is correct. You can remove the the Swedish country code (+46) if you are using an international phone number. If you are sure your phone number is correct then it could be that our SMS service is in maintenance. This sometimes prevents us from sending verification codes and could take up to an hour to resolve, sorry for the inconvenience.

Is my mobile app up to date?

If your app has the green app icon you are most likely on the latest version. If you are still in doubt check your settings and turn on automatic updates. If your app has a blue icon you should go to the app store and download the latest version yourself.

I locked my bike but the ride does not end in the app, what is going on?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes a bike needs some time to communicate that it has been locked. Make sure to stay near the bike during the locking process and keep your bluetooth enabled, your phone is trying to connect to the bike. Unfortunately, if the problem doesn’t solve itself after waiting a bit we will need to help you from our side. Please send an email to and mention your problem, phone number, and ride details.

I was overcharged for my last ride, what should I do?

That sounds like a billing error and you will get your credits back. Please send an email to Make sure to mention your problem, phone number, and ride details (you can find those in the app).

I try to unlock a bike, but it doesn’t work.

Let’s try to troubleshoot the problem and get you on your way. First of all, make sure your mobile internet and bluetooth connection are enabled. Pro tip: turning your phone’s “Airplane mode” on and off can help to reset the connections. Also, you will need some credits to unlock the bikes, so make sure you have some available in the app’s wallet. If you are connected and have credits and the bike does not unlock after scanning there could be two problems, either the bike might be out of battery, or the lock might be stuck. To see if the lock is stuck you can nudge the bike while pulling the lock lever slightly, it should open up easily. If that doesn’t work we’ll need to replace the lock’s battery. Please send an email to with the bike’s exact location, and our maintenance team will come over to take care of it. Sorry for the inconvenience, hope this helped!

How can I get my deposit refunded?

Deposits are no longer needed to use our service, and if we are still holding one for you you should get it refunded. Please send an email to Make sure to mention your problem, phone number and bank account.

I found a bike in an improper place, what should I do?

Please send an email to with the bike’s exact location, and our maintenance team will come over to take care of it. Thank you!

How can I get a refund?

Please send an email to Make sure to include your phone number and tell us how much you want refunded.